Last week saw President Donald Trump sign off on the long-debated Farm Bill. The document effectively legalized hemp production in the United States – opening the doors on an entire new and exciting industry.

Pundits have rallied for legalization of hemp for years, citing its wide-ranging potential as an extremely versatile commodity. We at EdiblesPress feel like the everyone should be aware of just how big this exciting new market is. Today, we will show you 5 examples of how you may get to see hemp used in the near future.

1) Alloys: Henry Ford built a car in 1942 with an alloy that included 10% hemp. Despite the widespread myth, the car was not entirely made out of hemp – but was already used as part of strong alloys in the early days of the automotive industry.

2) Fiber: Hemp can be used for ultra-durable fibers. Fiberboard, twine, insulation, and rope are some of the products that can come from it.

3) Paper: The cellulose content in hemp is 70%. This makes it ideal for paper products such as newsprint, paper, and cardboard.

4) Nutrition: the protein and oil contents of its seeds make it ideal for human consumption.

5) Oils: Besides consumption, hempseed’s oil content make it ideal for a number of uses. Methanol, pharmaceuticals, and heating oil are but a small fraction of them.